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    Buying an automobile is one of the biggest purchases people make in their lives. Most of the time because we have to, but sometimes it is something we've wanted to do for a long time. That dream car you've always wanted.

    Now you've made that dreaded purchase or that dream come true and you need to take care of it to make your investment last as long as possible with out spending a ton of money.

    Donnelly's Custom Car Care wants to help make this happen with a personal, detailed touch that seems to be missing in the automotive service business. I've been intrigued by the auto industry in one way or another for most of my life. I've been looking for that one thing that I can do that is challenging yet fulfilling and when the final product is presented to the customer, to see the look of amazement and satisfaction in their eyes. I have found that area of expertise. I realize how important vehicle maintenance is to the life of a car and how much more valuable a car can be if maintained properly. I also know how much more enjoyable a ding and dent free car can be.

    Donnelly's Custom Car Care will be dedicated to helping people protect their investment from the start and/or bringing their investment back to life for years of enjoyment.

    Steve Donnelly

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